• Cameal Davis

    (Embassy Endorsed Recording Artist)

    Cameal Davis has been blessed with a powerful angelic voice coupled with impressive melody.  She has recently been recording numerous songs for her debut album with producers in Jamaica,  London (UK), Leeds (UK), USA and Trinidad.  She has aligned herself with the Worldwide Reggae Embassy and is now on the cusp of taking her career to the highest heights.  Her upcoming debut album ‘My Time’ will showcase her versatility as an artist, while delivering positive and uplifting messages.

    Cameal Davis
  • Eldie Anthony

    (Embassy Endorsed Recording Artist)
    Eldie Anthony is a rising Singer/Songwriter stemming from the beautiful island of Jamaica.   He is an outstanding performer who not only writes his own songs but also writes for numerous artists with the Music Embassies.  He has been mentored by the reknown Reggae Icon Beres Hammond, where he had polished his craft as a vocalist while learning his way around the studio.  He assists the Music Embassies in with their Music Adventure Weeks where he providers his Artistic Producing services.  Eldie Anthony is well verse in  numerous genres of music such as Reggae, Dancehall, R & B, Pop, Soca and Hip Hop.
    Eldie Anthony
  • Ma’Niche

    (First Endorsed Female Pop Embassy Recording Artist)
    Ma’Niche is an impressive versatile singer of multiple genres.  This multi-talented young lady has been powerfully belting out creative melodies every opportunity she gets.  She is an enthusiastic musical gem who is driven to make it to the top.  Her ‘soul steering’ notes are beyond normal and are sure to leave you thirsting for more. Ma’Niche’s discipline, drive to succeed as well as her ability to manipulate various music genres are attributes that will surely get her to the height of her career.  Her personality, musical range and powerful voice are what makes Ma’Niche a force to be reckoned with in the Pop community.


  • I-Noble

    (First Endorsed Lover’s Rock Artist  – Reggae Embassy)
    The humble Lover’s Rock artist who lives and breathes music is a joy to listen to. A “Silky” and well polished voice without a doubt makes I-Noble an unforgettable artist. He is oozing with enthusiasm to be the next Icon in Lover’s Rock Music.  With songs like ‘Mamma Cry’ (Babylon Brutality) and “Oh My Love,” he is well on his way to achieving his dreams. After working closely with producers from The United Kingdom and Jamaica, he has managed to record songs that will have the public begging for more.  His highly anticipated debut album is slated to be released in 2012 which is a cd that should definitely be added to one’s collection.
  • C-Zer

    (Endorsed Hip Hop Recording  Artist – Hip Hop Music Embassy)
    C-Zer has a ‘super cool’ demeanor that adds to his appeal and a matching personality.  He is always busy writing lyrics, recording and even co-producing as he believes that through hard work and a set goal, he will be better able to position himself across various music genres. C-Zer enjoys utilizing the Hip Hop Embassy as he is now the CEO of his own career.  To him, the partnership is a major financial investment and a step in the right direction. The Hip Hop rising star is indeed destined for greatness. He is currently working with producers from the US and London, England for his debut album which is anticipated to be released in 2012.
  • Lanz


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